Scriptures that shaped me


When I was young (I can’t remember the age but I think I was in grade school) my mom gave me a scripture to memorize, John 3:16.  I don’t remember how long she gave me to memorize it but I had to recite it in front of her after a period of time to prove that I had learned it. Continue reading


Women: you are enough


Women endure a lot of pressure these days.  The pressure to be beautiful or look a certain way; the pressure to be perfect, the pressure to do and have it all.

As a result we women often get tired, weary and can be tempted to feel less than or like we are not doing enough.

Or that we are not enough.  Continue reading

Are you there God? It’s me, Maya

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When I was a kid I read the beloved coming of age novel by Judy Bloom “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret“.  I loved this book for so many reasons.  Though I don’t remember many of the details I do remember that many of the things the main character Margaret went through mirrored what was going on in my life as a young girl.  Continue reading

10 truths I’ve learned about love, life and relationships

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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who is about to turn 30.  In honor of her birthday she asked me (along with several other women) to share any wisdom I had gained in my 30’s that would help her as she embarked upon this new season.

I constructed a list and as I pondered upon it I realized that although I am still learning a lot of the things I wrote down I think this could apply to really anyone’s season in life.  So I decided to share this list with you. Continue reading

Celebrate your small wins



The other day I was headed to a networking event when I started to feel a bit nervous about what the night would hold.  Now I’ve been networking for years, but since I had not attended an event in a while I felt a little rusty.  Just as my mind was about to go down a rabbit hole of negative, worrisome thinking about what could go wrong, I stopped myself and decided I was just going to celebrate the fact that I was going to network that night after a long hiatus.  I didn’t care how many people I met, if I made any good contacts or if the night was a bust I was just going to celebrate the fact that I was there, all night long. Continue reading