The art of letting go

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The other day, as I was sorting some old clothes in preparation to donate them to my local Goodwill I realized I carry an emotional attachment to a lot of my old things.  Clothes, jewelry, trinkets, plain ol junk; to the point that I struggle to give away things even though they are no longer useful.  I don’t know why, it’s not like I didn’t grow up with enough in childhood, but for some reason I  find myself feeling emotionally attached to a lot of my stuff to the point that is hard for me to let go.

Can anyone relate?  “Hello my name is Maya and I struggle with letting go.”

For example, I’ll see an old sweatshirt from high school and say to myself “Oh I remember that sweatshirt, that’s when I only had to work 5 hours a week!  Those were the good ol’days.”  Or I might see an old skirt and say “Oh I remember when I was that size, I used to wear it all the time when me and my girls would go out clubbing in college.  We had so much fun!  Those were the good ol’ days for sure!”  And somehow I can manage to go through my whole pile like that, tempted to hold on to everything!

Nostalgic feelings are great, but if it keeps me from letting go when needed that’s a problem.  If I keep holding on to things that no longer serve a purpose in my life then I’m stuck.

Similar to how we hold on to all this baggage in real life; old wounds, past hurts and old memories, even though they no longer serve us.  And just like the space in my closet, we are limited on how much we can carry in our hearts before we just spill over, erupt or become stuck in some way.

Our hearts our full, but often of the wrong stuff.

Often we live convinced that our best days are behind us.  We are reminded of that one time when we were on the top of our game, in our careers, love lives or when we looked a certain way; and we believe we won’t ever reach that height again.

Scripture says that God is always doing a new thing.  I think often we cannot perceive it because we are too stuck in the past!  We have to be mindful that we can have even better days in our future.

Just because a certain time was the highlight of your life does not mean you’ve reached a plateau unless you say so.  It doesn’t mean that you can never reach that level of sucess again and even surpass it.

Scripture says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  If you are convinced you will never rise above a certain level you wont.

It’s like God is trying to do a new thing but our hearts are clogged.  He can’t get through to us. We have clogged arteries.  Ask yourself: Am I holding onto past baggage that may be blocking God from doing a new thing?  

Don’t believe that the best is behind you, believe that your life can be even better than your past.  Remember that God is always doing a new thing.

I think letting go of the past is an art.  You have to do it over and over again.  It’s not a one-time event and eventually over time it becomes easier and easier.

God is faithful. 🙂

As for me pray that I’m able to take all these things to the Goodwill and part ways with them.  lol


Love you guys,



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Football and forgiveness



The other day I was watching an NFL game; (Go RAMS!) both teams played well and both teams suffered some mistakes.  Both teams at times fumbled (i.e. mishandled) the ball, but I noticed how they had to quickly shake off whatever play they didn’t make and go on to the next part of the game.

In other words they could not dwell on their screw up if they wanted to continue to fight for a chance to win the game.

I thought about how this type of attitude can be applied to the lives you and I live every day.  If we want to make it through to our goal, the finish line or just life in general we can’t get hung up on the everyday screw ups; mistakes we make and offenses made towards us by others.

Getting caught up on an old hurt is like fumbling the ball and continuing to fumble the ball because you can’t get past the first fumble (the initial hurt).  Even with some of life’s biggest hurts, we can’t let those get us caught up or we will stay stuck, unable to move forward in life, going around the same mountain, replaying the same offense. Continue reading

Stuck in the past


How many of you struggle with living in the past?

Maybe you feel mentally stuck in old memories or emotionally stuck in old hurts.

Well, you’re not alone.

The other day I was entertaining an old friend I hadn’t seen in years from school.  We did some reminiscing, which is normal, but I noticed that the majority of the conversation this person carried had to do with what happened when we were in school.  Even though this person had made major moves since those days it seemed his heart was still in what could have been. Continue reading