Single Christian Man Series Part 1: Meet Jason Perry

This multi-part series will highlight thoughts on love, life and relationships from a male perspective.  I’ve taken a few of my closest guy friends and asked them a series of questions about love, marriage and dating.  This series responses are written by Jason Perry.

Jason Perry

Jason Perry


Charismatic.  Talented.  Passionate.  These are just a few of the words that describe the character of my good friend Jason Perry.  He was born and raised on a farm in a small country town in Louisiana where he attended Southern University and received his B.S. degree in Marketing.

Jason is website designer, professional photographer, avid music lover and a self-taught guitarist who has written and produced several songs.  He also moonlights in modeling and acting.  He showcases much of his life on his personal website (, where he blogs on topics ranging from love and relationships to life wisdom and politics.

1. Are you single? Do you want to get married one day?

Yes, I am single–though I do get lonely just like everyone else and wish I was in a relationship.  Being in my mid 30’s, I am at a point where I am mature enough to embrace being single.  Knowing that I definitely don’t want to be with just any woman, for the sake of just being in a relationship.  Plus where I currently live it is pretty hard to find single women that I can connect with, who I’m also attracted to.

Yes, I do want to get married one day.  Hopefully one day soon 🙂 –I know my mom wants some grandchildren.  As I grow older, I find myself getting more aware of all the blessings that come with sharing your life with someone you love.  I feel marriage is more than a beautiful celebration of love… I look at it as more of a lifetime partnership.

2. What do you look for in a wife?

This is a good question!  I feel there are a lot of things that I look for in a wife.  I do have some deal-breakers, but I do understand that no one is perfect.  Here are a few things I look for:

  • A woman who isn’t selfish
  • A woman who loves God and values Christian principles
  • A woman who I’m attracted to physically
  • A woman who is a good communicator
  • A woman who is intelligent and likes to read or learn new things
  • A woman who is passionate about something outside herself
  • A woman who is friendly, loves people and has a caring heart
  • A woman who values commitment and has family values

I’m not looking for a perfect woman, because I know I’m not perfect.  Ultimately the main thing I look for in a wife is someone who loves me for me, has similar values and a woman who can complement me so to make me a better person.

3. How do you feel about sex before marriage?

My feelings on sex before marriage cannot be explained in a simple Yes (I’m for it) or No (I’m against it) answer.  And these are MY feelings… I don’t judge anyone else on what they believe, but MY feelings are based on convictions and beliefs that I have inside my heart.  I think that it may not be the best decision for couples seeking marriage to have sex before marriage, bottom line.  But have I done it… YES.

Sex before marriage can be an issue for a lot of people.  Wisdom tells you that having an active sex life leads to emotional problems, commitment issues, having illegitimate children, STD’s, etc.  It’s just wise to save yourself for your wife.  I love intimacy.  I think sex is beautiful, and I long for the opportunity to share myself intimately with the woman I love and am committed to.

4. Have you ever dealt with rejection from a woman? How?

I have dealt with a lot of rejection!  I think every man has dealt with rejection.  The first girl that I really loved rejected me, and this is before I even knew what real love meant in a relationship.  I was in college and I met a girl that I was simply in love with.  She was the first African-American girl that really befriended me.  We were best friends! I gravitated towards her in every way to a point where I was blinded by my love for her.  After a semester of knowing her, I finally got the courage to tell her my feelings and then she told me that she only dated guys in fraternities.  I’ll never forget that moment when my heart sunk.  But, my pride nor my strength would not allow me to show how much she hurt me.  I simply smiled and left her dorm room.  I think I went back to my dorm room and shed a few tears.  And though we were best friends, I never called or spoke to her again, except for cordial greetings around the campus.  But, all in all I learned a lot from her, and I’m happy to have known her.

5. What is your personal walk with God like? What does it look like?

My personal walk with God is great.  I consistently read my Bible and allow its words to speak to my heart.  I surround myself with other Christians that encourage me and keep me accountable.  I also speak words of life into other people and show them love, because I want them to see God in my life.  Living as a Christian is the life I choose to live.  It’s not easy as a lot of people make it out to be, it requires you to have faith and resist many natural desires.  I still have things I struggle with, but I’m confident that God is pleased with me.

6. Do you want kids?

Yes, I do want kids!  I want a family.  I’m very willing to take on the responsibility that comes with having children.  I’m preparing my life for that right now.  Not only do I want to have kids, I want to be a father.  I want to take my family’s legacy to the next generation.  And I long for the day that my children will run and jump in my lap and tell me, “Daddy, I love you.”

You can read more about Jason here:

Stay tuned for the second installment of the Single Christian Man Series featuring another great guy actively walking out his faith!



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