There are no Drive-thru Break-thru’s!


Raise your hand if you need a break through in any area of your life right now….And how many of you would prefer the drive-thru version vs. the slow cooker version?

If you’re like me you’re raising both hands and feet as you read this, lol!  I have several areas that I want God to do a new thing in!  And I’ve been waiting a long time.

But what I’m learning in this season of my life is that there are no drive-thru breakthrough’s.  Things take time, prayer, tears, seasons of doubt and more time.  I remember I heard Joyce Meyer once say, your breakthrough is going to take longer than you thought it would and hurt more than you thought it could.  Basically she said if we knew beforehand how much it would cost us to get our break through most of us would give up prematurely.  And sadly that’s why a lot of people stay stuck.  Going around the same mountain again and again.

So for me there are some things I have been hoping for; for a long time.  And I don’t see anything happening in a lot of those same areas.

So I’ll take you through the emotions I’ve experienced while waiting:

  • Anger-I was angry at God, the world, my parents, etc.  I was angry that I was having to go through what I was going through.  Angry that things were taking so long.  I had my two-year-old temper tantrum with God.  We wrestled and I pouted.  I was stubborn about my desires and feelings.  I felt that I had been treated un-justly in some areas.  After a lot of anger and pain I realized being angry would not change/fix anything and I had to change if I wanted to get better.  Which then led to:
  • Sadness-I went through a period of sadness and grief about things that had happened and had not happened in my life.  Grief is a necessary emotion, but then it turned into:
  • Self-Pity-this is when you develop a victim mentality.  A “woe is me” view of life.  I moped, felt bad and wanted somebody else to pay for my bad fortune.  Which turned into:
  • Bitterness-why me?  How come not somebody else?  What did I do to deserve this?  It’s not fair, why do other people have it better?  And on and on.  Basically I filtered all of my new experiences through my past hurts.  So finally, brokenly, I was brought to:
  • Surrender-I couldn’t change my past, nobody could, not even God but I found out He could repay.  Isaiah 61:3,8  apply well here.  I came to the conclusion that only God could heal my broken heart, no amount of outside substance (sex, food, apologies, payback etc) ever could.  But first I had to:
  • Forgive-everybody for everything.  Parents, ex-boo’s, old girlfriends, abusers, family, etc.  I had to forgive with no expectations or strings attached, no ulterior motives.  It took me a looooooong time to do this.  Despite knowing that God forgave me first, that anger only hurts myself, yada yada.  I just wasn’t buying it at first.  (I also learned that I’m stubborn, lol).  But I learned that you can’t keep the ashes and anxiously await the future beauty God promises!  So I forgave everybody, including myself so finally I could experience a:
  • Re-Birth-I pledged to live my life in a different way.  Even while I was (and still am) waiting on many things to come to pass, including healing and redemption.  I learned you can’t move into the promise land with old wilderness mentalities.  I can only do what I can do—and to a certain extent I’m limited in my ability to change my circumstances, but God isn’t.  Attitude really does matter and I want to change and be better from my experiences, not worse.

Friends I wish I could tell you this all happened in a day.  That would make myself look good, lol.  I wish I could say that certain things aren’t still a battle for me, but they are.  I tell the truth (which sets us free) on my blog to the highest extent possible.  I still struggle with some things, but I am reminded that this Christian thing is a day-by-day journey, not a destination.  I’ll always be developing, growing and maturing.  It’s so frustrating to me because I am an action-instant-results-type-of-person, much like the rest of our society.  A great Christian teacher I follow, David Asscherick, said that the single step to succeeding in the Christian walk is that no matter how many times you fall, you keep getting back up.  And that’s something I’m determined to do.  I’m going to use this stubborn nature of mine to work for me this time in my life and not against me.

So what about you? Have you had any major breakthrough’s in any area of your life? How did you get there? What are you still waiting for God to do?

Will you get out of that drive through with me? Because the only way out is to go through!



22 thoughts on “There are no Drive-thru Break-thru’s!

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  3. This was an incredible read! It is as if you were writing my biography! Seriously I have gone through everything you touch on here. I was saying I was giving everything up to God, but there were always little things I held back. My father passed away 3 years ago (my mother predeceased him many years before) and in the year after I hit rock bottom. I had been his primary caregiver for 4 years and battling not only my own health issues but trying to balance his needs (and demands), my husband’s needs and day to day life. What got lost was me and for one year I was sure that even God couldn’t put me back together. I almost lost my marriage through all of this. But something happens when you hit the bottom…God picks you up and helps you get back on your feet. You can’t resist because you have nothing left. I was then able to see the toxicity that came from my parents and all of the controlling people I had throughout my life. I forgave them all, and myself and started to live the life God wanted for me all along. Like you I still have struggles, but I know that God will handle them in His time and His way. Thanks again. I look forward to following you. Sorry this was such a long comment. Lydia!

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    • Thank you so much Lydia! I agree when you have nothing left its easy to surrender. I’m so glad my post resonated with you and i look for to continuing to learning more about you too thru your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. “But I learned that you can’t keep the ashes and anxiously await the future beauty God promises!” GREAT quote! New follow here. Thanks for being so honest and up front (and in-your-face, in a nice sort of way!!)


  5. “you can’t move into the promise land with old wilderness mentalities. I can only do what I can do—and to a certain extent I’m limited in my ability to change my circumstances, but God isn’t. Attitude really does matter and I want to change and be better from my experiences, not worse.” So so so good! I can relate 100% to this.

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  6. Thank you so much for being so transparent in this post and the other 6 I just read through LOL. I met your mom tonight at an event and she mentioned your site and how proud she was of you. Lipstick and the Word was enough to intrigue me but her persona as she talked about how proud she was of you, was the icing on the cake to make me tune in and see what the hype was about(Wink Wink) You expressed everything that I am going thru and being okay in what I like to call that transitional phase. Thanks and look forward to all the other wisdom posts you publish here!

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  7. I really enjoyed reading this post and can very much relate! I am still going through this whole process, and yes, you are correct – it does not happen in one day! Thanks for sharing a great post! Hope your day is filled with happiness! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! It is a process and sometimes i do have setbacks which is normal. But the good thing is we’re going thru! Not standing still. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, even when experiencing ugly emotions because all emotions are valid. Thanks for your well wishes and take care!

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