What’s your problem?


“There’s something wrong with me.”

“Nobody else has this problem.”

“I’m just really messed up.”

You wouldn’t believe how often I used to hear those phrases in my own mind.

I used to believe that I was just a little bit more strange than most people and I was ashamed of a lot of things about myself.  Things that had been done to me in the past, things that had happened to me and things that I had done.  I was ashamed of me.  And I think I spent more time feeling ashamed of myself than being proud of the person God created me to be.  It’s something I still struggle with but blogging, accountability, counseling and walking with God has shown me I can be free from the shame…and so can you!

Let me tell you something: the devil wants to keep you so ashamed and so focused on your flaws that at the end of the day you don’t even realize you’re a child of God.  You don’t ever mediate on your strengths because you’re falsely taught by a lot of church communities that that’s prideful, so you end up trying to make yourself feel better by some outside means…a habit or hang-up of some sort…maybe even at the expense of others.  Or you feel crappy inside and you don’t even know why.

Here’s a secret: Everybody has problems no matter how good their life seems.

A quick look on Facebook will make it seem like everybody has a perfect life, including my own, lol.  But with Facebook you only see the things people allow you to see.  Everybody has their bad days, some just hide it better.

Society and Facebook make it seem like you should have a perfect life.  That you should have no problems and something is wrong with you if you do. Let me tell you something: society is lying to you.

Your life will never be perfect.  Even when you have whatever it is you’re waiting on or you think will make you happy.  Marriage, kids, that come-up, a promotion.  It’s impossible to live a life here on this earth and not have any problems.  No matter how cute you are or how much money you have.

When it comes to dealing with life’s problems people fall into four categories:

  • They deny they have any
  • They are un-concious of their problems
  • They hide their problems really well ( fake like they don’t have any)
  • They deal with their problems in a healthy ongoing way

This may sound cheesy but I’ve always had a big problem with worrying.  I can hide it pretty well at first but as you get to know me it shows, lol.  I tend to give too much energy better spent elsewhere to trivial matters because I think too much.

You see, growing up I always felt like I had to look out for myself and I often felt like no one else was there for me.  I am an only child and growing up in a single parent home I felt like I had to deal with a lot of things on my own and thus I developed the process of thinking and worrying too much.

Though this might seem trivial to some its something I’ve struggled with all my life.  I can easily obsess over a lot of things, even pretty simple ones like having a night out with friends or worrying too much about what others think of me.  So lately I’ve made a conscious decision to trust God more with the small things.  (Never mind the fact that He handles so many big things like waking me up every morning and keeping the world in working order just fine).  But he’s shown himself faithful in these little things, which are big things to me in my heart. 💜 😊.

So I’m learning that I really don’t have worry about things.  It’s easier said than done but I’m choosing to not go around this mountain anymore.

Solutions to your problems depend on the types of problems you’re dealing with.  For some situations there are no easy quick fixes ( which our society is fond of).

Ultimately, friends for a lot of deeply rooted problems the answer is found in your daily walk with Jesus.  Little by little, glory by glory.  I know, I’m not crazy about that answer myself but I’m finding this advice my mom gave me years ago to be true.  Grrrrr….thanks Mom! 🙂

Don’t ignore your problems but don’t mediate on them either.  Ask the Lord to guide you in the next steps of freedom….from glory to glory. 🙂



4 thoughts on “What’s your problem?

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  2. I have found that the more I acknowledge my problems and honest about it, not hiding it. You’re right, everyone has problems whether they feel safe enough to discuss it with you. And, just because something is broken, doesn’t mean that it needs to be fixed. As not all problems can be fixed.. and should be dealt with privately.

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