A Father’s Love

lightstock_119225_medium_maya God as Father

Everyone wants to be loved.  Inside every person is a desire to feel significant, valued and loved.  This is not something  we start feeling as adults, it’s actually something we’re born with.

Every little boy and girl wants to know that they matter; to their family, their community and especially to Daddy.  And we carry this desire to be loved in our hearts as we grow into adults.  It’s in our nature; God created us this way.  As we get older we often take this longing for love into our dating lives.  And sometimes the results can be disastrous.  But before you can successfully love another human being you have to love yourself (more info on that to come in another blog) and even beyond that is you have to know how much God loves you.

We are all familiar with the John 3:16 verse that states “ For God so loved the world.”  And we’re constantly told in church that God loves us.  That’s great and everything but it can seem kind of generic when we have a personal desire to feel loved.  I mean if we’re honest it can almost sound like “Well God loves me, but that’s only because He’s required to because He’s God, not because I’m special or anything.”

Some of us are fortunate enough to come from a very loving family.  Some of us aren’t.  I come from a single parent home where my dad was absent.  My mom’s love for me was overflowing;  as a child I flourished in her love.  My dad’s love however was painfully absent…quiet.  Somewhere far away from me and I didn’t know how to locate it.

As I grew up trying to see God as a Father is something I struggled with.  I knew God loved me in a general sense of the way but His love certainly did not feel personal, real or tangible.  I saw God as distant, somewhere out there on the horizon, not necessarily concerned about my everyday life.

Over a period of time I asked God to reveal himself to me as a Father.  This was no quick and easy process and might I say the process is still unfolding.  I studied diligently about the love of God in the Bible, I took a break from dating and pursuing romantic love and I just began to release little parts of my heart to God and trusted him with it.  Overtime my heart towards God, myself and my world changed.  My capacity to love myself and others increased.  And it’s a great feeling. 🙂

God  loves you not because of how you look or what you do; not because of your talents or intellect but because you have intrinsic worth in his eyes.  Unlike human love His doesn’t grow cold or weary.  His love is always fresh, inviting and invigorating.

It may be hard to understand with your mind, but there are no formulas for our walk with God.  He works in all of our lives in different ways.  May I suggest this:  ask God to reveal himself and His love for you in a real and personal way.  And keep asking until you get an answer.  😉

Until next time loves,



3 thoughts on “A Father’s Love

  1. Even when you come from a loving family, we still feel alone in those moments, in those situations, in our hearts. We are all constantly looking to connect those missing piece in our lives. We want God to be on our time, when in theory he shows up right on time. The love of God at times is distant, so unreal, he doesn’t hold you in a physical sense or wipe away those tears. Having a relationship with God in it’s self is a risk, we can’t even see the man we love with our entire heart. That’s what makes blogs like this one so important, some days we have to be reminded of our Fathers Love. Reminded to spend time with him so that we can work on us. Jason you are so right about the importance of surrounding yourself with others who have the same love of God in them. It’s something about being around positive people that allow the positive energy to flow freely through the room.

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    • I love this comment! Thank you for helping me see it from another perspective. I always thought it i came from a btr family i wouldn’t struggle with feeling so alone. You bring up some good points. I would love to hear your perspective on a father’s love.


  2. God’s love can be distant.. I feel like it’s only felt when someone loves you with the love of God. People who haven’t been shown love sometimes have a huge void in their heart that they look to fill. It’s definitely a tragedy, but also a reality. That’s why I choose to surround myself with loving people, because real love knows no color or blood line, it accepts without prejudice. **I felt the urge to write a blog specifically about love too (I started it last night)…

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