I Miss You (A Poem)

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I have never had a big appreciation for poetry.  I don’t ever read much of it and didn’t enjoy attempts to write poems in school.  Sometimes in high school guys used to write me poems.  I’d read them but that just wasn’t my love language so I didn’t have a big appreciation for it.

Back in 2015 I stopped communicating with someone I had grown to like as more than a friend.  I was disappointed about the way things ended and I wrote a few poems about it on a whim.  I recently ran across one of the poems the other day and I noticed how the tone of this poem relates to other disappointing dating experiences I’ve had.

I’d thought I’d post it here as I’m sure many of you can relate.  It’s not a poem that rhymes, just a collection of thoughts (I’m not even sure what the proper term for that is, lol).  The poem is titled “I Miss You”.


I Miss You

You are a nagging feeling that exists in the distance

In the back of my mind

You persistently appear

I keep checking my phone

Hoping you will be there

Or maybe you’ll show up on Facebook

I’m not sad, bitter or broken

Just missing you

Noticing all the extra time I have because you’re gone

So I resolve to be productive and mentally busy

But the nagging, persisting feeling of you is still there

Like a toothache, like a headache

I miss you

I wish I could tell you

But I am a proud woman and proud women don’t fold

I don’t want you to love me

I just miss you

I miss you calling me “sweet-heart”

And our debates

I’m low key mad at you for coming and then leaving

But it’s OK you wouldn’t be the first but hopefully you’ll be the last

This game (although I didn’t think it was one) is old

I want to miss someone worth missing

I un-followed you on Facebook and deleted your number


See you never.




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