Please love me anyway


Please don’t leave me

I want you to love me 

I’m sorry I made you angry

And was bad 

But I want you to love me anyway.

I’m sorry I didn’t do the right thing

And caused a lot of problems

But I want you to love me anyway.  

Please don’t withdraw your love because you are angry

I need it, because I am just a child

You see at my tender age I need love when I am internally and externally messy 

I won’t always say or do the right thing

But I need you to love me anyway.


Don’t withdraw your love from me

It’s too much for me to bear

Too much silence and isolation

And lonely days and confused nights

I want you to be pleased with me 100% of the time, not just when I perform

I want you to love me with my flaws and all.

Am I looking for a perfect love?

Through a child’s eyes, yes

Please love me before I get older because then I’ll go looking for that perfect love through the arms of a man and the world

But the world is not perfect place.

Who will I become assearch for this love?

A people pleaserscared to say no?

An abused womanbattered inside as well as out?

A perfectionist? Because a perfect life equals outside approval?

A lost soul? Because I’m afraid to speak up because I might not be accepted by society?

If you continue to withdraw your love when I do wrong I’ll spend the rest of my life obsessed about it though I won’t really know it.

It will be the driving force behind so many of my actions- I’ll be scared to walk away and scared for others to leave.

You’ll cause me to question whether I’m worthy of love. And just how much?

And most of all I’ll doubt there’s a God in heaven who loves me and who won’t walk away when I stumble.

Who I don’t have to perform for nor always say the right thing

And I’ll spend my whole life overcoming these thoughts.

Please love me anyway

My future self depends on it.




2 thoughts on “Please love me anyway

  1. I am sure it is hard being a parent and no parent is perfect. In my walk I have chosen to believe that my parents did the best they could, even if it often didn’t feel like it. Took me some time to arrive there, hopefully your children will see it that way too in time.


  2. That touched me, my love for my two children was never conditional. Now, they have grown and I seem to make the wrong choices with regard to each which I surmise is the reason why they keep a distance; the parent asks, did they stop loving me?

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