I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down!!

Easter 2017-04-18

I’ve got no strings
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown
I had strings
But now I’m free
There are no strings on me

I’m in a new season.  A good one.  I’ve gained new insights and perspective in a lot of areas and I’m confident I’ll keep growing.  I’ve had my season of battles, storms and valleys but trouble don’t last always as the old folks used to say.  Cuz late in the midnight hour…God!

I’ve got no strings
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown
I had strings
But now I’m free
There are no strings on me

This song besides being a childhood favorite has new meaning now.  It perfectly describes previous seasons I was in.  To me I equate strings with ties that need to be broken and excess baggage.  Worry, fret and over-rationalizing.

Hi-ho the me-ri-o
That’s the only way to go
I want the world to know
Nothing ever worries me

When you’re not weighed down by the baggage of your past mistakes, faults and hurts you can live freely.  I’m beginning to see that although we don’t always choose the bad that comes our way, we often reap the benefits of those who have walked before us.  Our parents, ancestors and those we never knew.  What if those in the the civil rights era refused to continue to fight because they would not necessarily reap the benefits in their lifetime???!!  Where would we be now?  Don’t make me start preaching up in here!

I’ve got no strings
So I have fun
I’m not tied up to anyone
They’ve got strings
But you can see
There are no strings on me

Some people will chose to live their life tied down to excess baggage (their strings); their past mistakes, failures and the ways they have been wronged.  That is their choice.  Let them be, they have a right to remain in their dysfunction.  But you don’t have to stay there with them!  You can’t change people.  Jesus never went around begging to heal people.

You have no strings
Your arms is free

You can be free too!  There’s not some special secret, it starts with you and God.  He is the answer to a lot of our deeply rooted problems.  Other people come along the way in our journey but ultimately it is He who completes a good work in us.  I’ll leave you with a teaching series by Andy Stanley titled “Free” that I just love.

Until next time loves,

Be free.




5 thoughts on “I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down!!

  1. I absolutely loved this post! It speaks nothing but the truth. When you have strings holding you back you can never see clearly. You can’t be the best version of yourself because you are always focused on the past. I also like how you highlighted that you can’t force people who want to be stuck in negativity to move on, it truly is a personal decision. As and when they are ready they will see the light. I hope a lot of people got to read this, this post is gold!

    When you have a moment do check out a piece I wrote when I finally let go of all the emotional aches and pains.


    Have a great day ahead 🙂

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