Winning with the hand you are dealt


I didn’t really grow up watching sports.  I attended some football and basketball high school games growing up, but my family wasn’t really that into sports.

I didn’t really get into sports until I got older and one of my guy friends started taking me to professional games and explaining plays to me.  I’m still not the most well versed in it by any means but I know a lil sum, sum!

But what I noticed is that when the team is loosing the coach will often make adjustments to the plays in order to win the game.

Sometimes the team comes back to win the game and sometimes they don’t.  Such is life.

So this got me to thinking that sports games are similar to the game of life.  Just like a good coach will make adjustments at half time in order to win the game so it is with the game of life.

There may be times when you have to make adjustments to your social circle, goals, actions or even within yourself to win at this game of life.

Level up and/or let go…it’s not easy…but neither is life.  Don’t be afraid to make the necessary adjustments, it just might be the very thing you need to do to win the game!

There have been times when I wanted something so badly and I felt like it was out of my control or that it was only up to God whether or not it did or did not happen.

Prayer is great, but I firmly believe there is a part that we have to play in this life too.  We are partners with God.  There’s a part that only He can do but there is a part that only WE can do.  We can’t do His part and He won’t do ours.  This is why the power of choice is so wonderful.  We can actively choose what actions we take in life which can affect our outcomes.

We all come from different backgrounds, socio-economic classes, advantages and disadvantages.  Don’t use any disadvantage you have as an excuse to not do what you can do to make your circumstances better.  If that means changing a play or forfeiting the game so be it, but don’t just passively sit by.  You have to play the cards you’re dealt in life, not your friends or your lover’s…yours.

There are times when you will need to make adjustments to yourself, your plans or your situation in order to win.  Though you are not guaranteed to win every battle if you stay faithful I believe you will win the war.

Be blessed loves,



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