An Ode to the LBD



Any day now,
I am ready to hang up my LBD
Just like they talk about guys turning in their little black book (LBB)
I’m ready to turn in my little black dress
And trade them for mommy jeans
And maternity tops
(well maybe not the mom jeans but you know what I mean)

I am ready to say good-bye to the club
The numbers, the guys
That don’t give really give a care about me
Just what’s inside my LBD

Any day now
I am ready for a change
To give something to someone who can never repay me
A mini me, or maybe a mini you
Just something we created together

Any day now
I don’t wanna wait forever
And I won’t accept just any old body

I’ve had my fair share of lovers
I overlooked you in the past I’m sure
Because you were too nice, too clean cut
Now I want you back

Please come back around
Don’t make me wait forever
I’m ready now
So ready
Ready to hang up this LBD once and for all
And to put on my mom jeans and rock forever with you.





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