Give me an answer Lord!


I’ve always been an inquisitive person.

I know a thing or two about inquiring of the Lord.  I know what it’s like to pray looooong and hard about a situation just to hear crickets.  Or to pray that something won’t happen and it does anyway.


And sometimes we’re tempted to stop praying.

Or give up hope.

Or give up praying all together.  It’s kind of like we get disappointed by God and we give him a lifelong side eye because he didn’t answer that prayer or didn’t answer it in the way we thought he should have.

We continue the church thing and the “Praise the Lord” thing but inside we don’t trust him.  He failed us , didn’t come through.  Just like an ex or a former friend.  We can’t bear to give him that level of trust again.

When we want answers from God and we’re not getting them we can be tempted to give up.

Below are some silent cries I think we all have whispered when faced with these types of situations.

1. “Give me an answer now please”
And I want it to be simple, easy and like Google.  No sacrifice or too much waiting, just an answer.

2. “Give me an answer I can see please”
God I need to see you first.  Know you exist.  Prove that you’re right first.  I need answers I can see.

3. “Give me an answer that satisfies”
Faith, waiting, believing?  That doesn’t satisfy me.  I need a formula, a method.  I need to know How?  What?  When?  Why?  Who Lord and for how long?

What I’ve learned about walking with the Lord is that we need a continuous refill, just like when we eat or drink, we eventually get hungry or thirsty and need to re-fuel.  I think if we always got the answers we wanted immediately we would have no reason to continue to go back to him to re-fill.  Nor would we get to experience the beauty that often lies within the journey.

Let’s face it, we can experience a miracle one day and then a few months later we are in a crisis and we forget all about that miracle.  We need another miracle, another sign and constant reassurance.  It’s human nature.

So what I’m saying is that it’s normal to continuously inquire of the Lord.  We are never going to have arrived while here on this side of Heaven.  I’m learning that so much of our walk is less about a formula for Christian success and more about faith to make it day by day.  Because really often that’s all we can handle, our daily bread.

Don’t stop inquiring of the Lord.  And don’t stop believing.  🙂



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