Take the lead

man's hand

I never wanted to be a leader.  I never saw myself as one and often had trouble speaking up in a crowd or voicing my opinion.  I come from a background where my opinion often wasn’t encouraged or valued so being a leader wasn’t something I was really secure in.

Following was something I was much more accustomed to and had an easier time with, however I noticed there were times when I was following the wrong people. 

I had to become a leader in my own life in order to go down the path I wanted to go.  I couldn’t wait for anyone else to give me permission or to say the words that were in my heart.  As a result this blog came about, I started speaking publicly and a lot of other opportunities for me to live as a leader presented themselves.

Now I am more comfortable with leading 🙂 .

The other day in salsa class the male salsa instructor was instructing the guys on their role in a salsa dance and telling them to lead and be confident.  He said so much of how the dance went was determined by how the guy led.  The guys were new to salsa, like me and as a result had some insecurities.  I could relate to their fear, struggles and feeling un-confident.

When it was my turn to dance with the instructor I was nervous, “I’m a beginner” I told him.  I didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

“Don’t say that!” he exclaimed. “You are a daughter of a King; you hold your head high and be confident.”

I quietly nodded as I danced with him; his words brought tears to my eyes.  He said it with such conviction, confidence and passion.

Later I pondered that day’s lesson and I wondered why I had gotten so emotional when the instructor spoke to me.  I think it’s because his words came across to me as if God himself was speaking it over me.   I was not raised with my dad and he never spoke those things over me, so I can admit there is a place in my heart that still craves that approval.  But it was not just about the approval the instructor gave it was the conviction and heart behind it that I needed to hear too.

I think a lot of men are afraid to lead, in love, life and relationships.  I think many don’t know how, have not been taught or are afraid of being uncomfortable.  I sympathize with them as I can relate.

There are a lot of women who have trouble following and aren’t use to men leading in their lives like me.

Guys: I encourage you to take the lead.  Whatever that means for you in your life.  Be strong, confident and courageous.

Women: You are a daughter of a King; hold your head high and be confident.

There is a time to lead and there is a time to follow.  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.  (paraphrased Ecclesiastes 3:1)




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