You have permission to be yourself




It’s OK to have a break-down

To get angry
To cry
To show emotion
It means that you are human
We are not robots
Our burdens at times get too heavy to bear
And it’s OK to need a break
To be flawed
And vulnerable

We are men and women

We’ve been through a lot
We are not perfect
Nor are we trying to be
It’s OK for men to cry
It’s OK for women to get angry

You have permission to be yourself

Today and everyday
You have permission to fail
You have permission to excel

You have permission to be authentically you

With all your ups and downs
It’s OK to plan for tomorrow
But live for today
It’s OK to love
And it’s OK to hurt
It’s OK to win some
It’s OK to lose some
And it’s OK to walk away
Or stay

It’s OK to be you

I’m just here to remind you 😉





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