The art of letting go

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The other day, as I was sorting some old clothes in preparation to donate them to my local Goodwill I realized I carry an emotional attachment to a lot of my old things.  Clothes, jewelry, trinkets, plain ol junk; to the point that I struggle to give away things even though they are no longer useful.  I don’t know why, it’s not like I didn’t grow up with enough in childhood, but for some reason I  find myself feeling emotionally attached to a lot of my stuff to the point that is hard for me to let go.

Can anyone relate?  “Hello my name is Maya and I struggle with letting go.”

For example, I’ll see an old sweatshirt from high school and say to myself “Oh I remember that sweatshirt, that’s when I only had to work 5 hours a week!  Those were the good ol’days.”  Or I might see an old skirt and say “Oh I remember when I was that size, I used to wear it all the time when me and my girls would go out clubbing in college.  We had so much fun!  Those were the good ol’ days for sure!”  And somehow I can manage to go through my whole pile like that, tempted to hold on to everything!

Nostalgic feelings are great, but if it keeps me from letting go when needed that’s a problem.  If I keep holding on to things that no longer serve a purpose in my life then I’m stuck.

Similar to how we hold on to all this baggage in real life; old wounds, past hurts and old memories, even though they no longer serve us.  And just like the space in my closet, we are limited on how much we can carry in our hearts before we just spill over, erupt or become stuck in some way.

Our hearts our full, but often of the wrong stuff.

Often we live convinced that our best days are behind us.  We are reminded of that one time when we were on the top of our game, in our careers, love lives or when we looked a certain way; and we believe we won’t ever reach that height again.

Scripture says that God is always doing a new thing.  I think often we cannot perceive it because we are too stuck in the past!  We have to be mindful that we can have even better days in our future.

Just because a certain time was the highlight of your life does not mean you’ve reached a plateau unless you say so.  It doesn’t mean that you can never reach that level of sucess again and even surpass it.

Scripture says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  If you are convinced you will never rise above a certain level you wont.

It’s like God is trying to do a new thing but our hearts are clogged.  He can’t get through to us. We have clogged arteries.  Ask yourself: Am I holding onto past baggage that may be blocking God from doing a new thing?  

Don’t believe that the best is behind you, believe that your life can be even better than your past.  Remember that God is always doing a new thing.

I think letting go of the past is an art.  You have to do it over and over again.  It’s not a one-time event and eventually over time it becomes easier and easier.

God is faithful. 🙂

As for me pray that I’m able to take all these things to the Goodwill and part ways with them.  lol


Love you guys,



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6 thoughts on “The art of letting go

  1. This is so true. I often let go of people, experiences, and things over and over. I do this by saying, “I release fill-in-the-blank” because a lot of times I’ve clogged my thoughts and heart with bad experiences/vibes/energies and need to let…them…go.

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  2. Yes he is sis. I needed this. I recently read something that stopped me in my tracks so everything I see from this point on reaffirms that. It was no need to JADE. No is a complete sentence. JADE stands for Justify, Argue, Defend or Engage.

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  3. I know how you feel. Letting go is hard, especially if the times you must let go of were the best times of your life. I’ve read all your blogs, but I felt like I had to speak up on this. The hard part about recognizing when you should let something go is that the heart and the brain never agree on it. Using your clothes as a metaphor for my biggest and most recent juncture; that skirt you used to wear to the club gives you that same feeling of exhilaration every time you see it. It fills you with nostalgia, so much so that you want to put it on, but you can’t because you don’t fit into it anymore in your current state. You have grown bigger and wider. You are a lot different from that person who used to put that skirt on. To even have a chance at enjoying the rush you used to get from that skirt, you must change drastically. This is where I get stuck in most “letting go” situations. Do I change myself because I love the skirt, and would do anything to get that feeling back? Or am I just holding on to a memory? Perhaps, even if I did fit into the skirt again, it wouldn’t look or feel right. Maybe, all my past unhealthy habits have made me unfit to don that skirt, even if I did change. Here lies the conflict. Who wins between your heart and faith vs your mind and reality? How would you resolve this Timorous Worriment?

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    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment Jody! I agree that the heart and brain do not often agree on this. You are so right about being a lot different from the person I was when I used to wear the skirt; I still remember the exhilarating feelings just looking at it. As sad as it is I don’t think one can truly get those feelings back, it was a point in time in our journeys. We have the memories but even if we could fit back into the skirt like you said it wouldn’t be quite the same.

      I have to marinate on your comment further. You bring up so many good points. Thanks for reading!


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