Shattered Dreams


The other day I was walking by an elementary school as the kids were playing outside at recess.

I love the sound of children’s laughter while at play; it reminds me of my childhood, innocence and the wonder of childhood dreams.

As I paused and looked at the kids running happily to and fro I wondered what their home lives were like, what dreams they may have already discovered in their little hearts and if they would come to pass.  Because often in between being a child and becoming an adult life gets in the way.

I think we all start out with dreams, what we want to become or what we hope to achieve.  However; sometimes along the way our dreams get deferred or lost.

Some people’s dreams have been shattered.

Some people’s dreams have been assaulted.

Some peoples’ dreams have turned into nightmares.

There are no easy answers when our dreams are deferred, shattered or lost.  But what happens to the “dream” I think depends on the “Dreamer” a.k.a. You!

You are the most important part of your dream

Have you given up on your dreams and decided it’s too late for you to achieve them?  Have you thrown in the towel and decided to forget about it?

Or are you sacrificing your dreams for what is temporary?  A quick fix to help you deal with the pain?

You have heard me say that in order for a dream to grow you have to keep it alive.  You cannot let it die or lie dormant.  You have to feed it.

How do you continue to feed your dream?

Find the courage to dream again.  It’s scary, it’ll hurt, it doesn’t feel so comfortable but the alternative is a lost dream, and we cannot accept that.  Trust me I have been there SOOO many times!  Find the courage to dream again and again and again.

Trust God with your dreams.  It doesn’t mean you sit on your butt and do nothing, but it doesn’t mean you try to do everything either.  There are some dreams that will need an intervention from God to come to pass.  You don’t have to live frustrated waiting for it.

Sometimes you may have to dream a new dream.  Some of us have had some very unfair things happen through no fault of our own.  Someone close may have betrayed us, some assault or harm may have come to us or a loved one may have died.  The list is really endless.  Maybe we had a dream for our life to look a certain way but as a result it will look differently.  It doesn’t mean the dream is ruined; it may just have to be adjusted; trusting God that the outcome can be just as good as before.

Martin Luther King Jr. died while still waiting on his dream to come to pass.  Many abolitionists died before they ever saw the slaves freed.  Doesn’t mean they stopped dreaming.

So you see my friend?  We cannot afford to stop dreaming!  Your life depends on it…and I bet someone else’s does too 😉

My prayer for you: “May God give you the courage to dream again.”



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