How to live your best life


There is a lot of talk on social media about living your best life.  You’ll often hear people saying “I’m just out here trying to live my best life, ” or using the hashtag #LivingMyBestLife or #MyBestLife, along with a picture that depicts the person achieving a certain goal or dream displayed on Facebook or Instagram.

I undoubtedly have used the phrase myself on social media so this got me to wondering what “living your best life” truly means.  Does it mean accomplishing some great goal that society says you should  by a certain time?  Is it keeping up with the people in your social group?  Or is it living the best you can with your abilities, resources and talents every day?

I’m going to say it’s the latter.

Here are some keys I use to live my best life that I think would be helpful for you in living your best life.

Don’t Compare

There’s no win in comparison.

It’s easier said than done I know, but we all come from different backgrounds, resources, advantages and disadvantages.  We all have different weaknesses and strengths.  How fair is it to compare yourself to someone that has advantages in areas that you don’t and walk away feeling like a failure?

Social media is a big culprit of this.  Just because you see someone you know doing something you’d like to do one day don’t’ get discouraged or feel like you’re less than because you’re on a different time schedule.  If we are really trusting God we know that the desires of our hearts do matter to him and they will come to pass.

Do It Afraid

There’s never going to be an opportune time.

Wanna know a secret about me?  I do LOTS of things afraid…LOTS.  Including starting this blog.  When it first launched I was so insecure about what others, family, friends, (mainly friends) and strangers would think.  I had so many questions.  Would I get any support?  Who was I to start a blog to help others?  Why did I think my voice even mattered?  Did my voice matter?  Would I get any readers?  Would I receive hate mail for starting a blog about God?

I had no answers but I had a passion to help people and ultimately that overrode my fear of failure, judgment, criticism or any negative consequence.

A lot of time in order to live our best life we will have to face our fears and do it afraid.

Own Your Life

What are your dreams?  What are your passions?  Do you know what they are?  Find out.  Invest in yourself, take a course, go on a journey of discovering who you are.

Your best life may or may not look like someone else’s.  We are all at different stages in our lives, even if we are in the same age group.  What’s easy for you to achieve may be hard for others and vice versa.  You don’t have to do something because someone else (society, family, friends) says you should.  You have to live your truth and we should all be seeking to find it.  You don’t have to feel bad because most of the people you know all live a particular lifestyle and you have a vision for something different.  Embrace yourself.  Embrace your life.

Say it with me:

My best life is mine and not anyone else’s.  My best life may not look like someone else’s best life and that’s OK.


Living your best life doesn’t mean that you never encounter hard times, problems or challenges.  It doesn’t mean all your dreams are met as soon as you pray a prayer.  It means that you keep pushing ahead.  Knowing that you are a child of God, that he has a good plan for your life (as I’m sure you can look back and already see evidence of the fact) that He loves you and that he is doing a new thing and working all things out for your good, despite the pain, despite the setbacks, despite the challenges.

  • It means you don’t have to compare your life to anyone else’s.  We all have different weaknesses and strengths; you can be confident in your God given talents as you develop and create new ones.
  • It means you can try things afraid, without fear of failure because he will never let you fall too far.
  • It means your best life may or may not look like someone else’s.

If you’ve fallen off the track to your best life it’s not too late to get back on track today.  If you’re feeling lost ask God how.

Cheers to living your best life, today!!!



Me crossing an item off my bucket list and living my best life.



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