Grace like rain


The other day I had a small apartment fire in my kitchen while I was cooking. I was baking something and literally stepped away for about five minutes and came back to a room filled with smoke and a fire in my oven.

I grabbed my dog Ginger, my phone and left the apartment as I dialed 911.  Firefighters arrived within minutes and my apartment manager as well as a few neighbors waited outside with me while the firefighters went in.

While the firefighters worked I felt anxious and worried; I couldn’t remember if my renters insurance included fire damage and I was low key afraid that the fire department was going to foot me with a bill.  I also figured my apartment manager was going to scold me for negligence.

But neither happened.  In fact afterwards the Firefighters made light of the whole ordeal by making a joke about getting a cookbook for the future, LOL.  And my manager was really gracious and played with me and my dog after everyone had gone back to their homes.  What I saw in that instance was a lot of grace for a mistake I had made.

Thankfully there was no damage to my home and the only thing that was ruined was my dinner and kitchen curtains from the smoke. 🙂

That night as I happily cleaned up the mess I had made in the kitchen, I thought about how we never have to clean up our messes alone.  God always helps us, whether we created them ourselves out of negligence or someone else dumped a mess on us, He’s a helper.

As I scrubbed my stove and looked at my smoke-stained curtains I smiled.  The stains in my kitchen though they looked bad were evidence of God’s grace in that moment.  I could have lost so much more. I was happy for the stains.

In our lives we may have some stains, scar’s or blemishes based on what we’ve been through.  I think they can be a reminder of God’s grace in those moments.


Love you loves,


P.S. I used to listen to a song called “Grace Like Rain”. Check it out here.


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