Celebrate your small wins



The other day I was headed to a networking event when I started to feel a bit nervous about what the night would hold.  Now I’ve been networking for years, but since I had not attended an event in a while I felt a little rusty.  Just as my mind was about to go down a rabbit hole of negative, worrisome thinking about what could go wrong, I stopped myself and decided I was just going to celebrate the fact that I was going to network that night after a long hiatus.  I didn’t care how many people I met, if I made any good contacts or if the night was a bust I was just going to celebrate the fact that I was there, all night long.

And I did.  I kept telling myself I was doing great by showing up and even made a couple of cool connections along the way.  I took the pressure off myself to achieve a certain goal of meeting x amount of people and just celebrated my small win, which actually felt kind of big in my eyes.

On the way to a big victory there are so many small things we can celebrate in everyday life.

  • The person who wants to get in better shape can celebrate the fact that they made it to the gym today
  • The aspiring author can celebrate the fact that they got a few pages penned
  • The person climbing the corporate ladder can celebrate the fact that they are navigating their career with purpose

We often think only our big victories are worth celebrating.  Once we ace the test, once we graduate or reach some milestone the world says we should. I’m here to encourage you to celebrate all of your small wins on the way to victory.

Last week I only made it to the gym once which made me kind of sad because I felt it set me back on my weight loss goals.  But you know what?  This week I went for an hour and patted myself on the back for going the hour.  Never mind where I would have been if I hadn’t skipped last week, it’s not about that.  A lot of time we get lost in unnecessary details.  No one increases their performance in life by being down on themselves and beating yourself up only causes you to sink lower.

On our way to achieving our goals we will often encounter setbacks and challenges.  If you wait until you have reached some huge milestone you’ll miss out on all the small ways you can celebrate yourself today.

What can you celebrate today?




2 thoughts on “Celebrate your small wins

  1. Good post!
    I guess we can try to celebrate for waking up every morning because life is not guaranteed.
    I liked your post and it will help many.
    But I can’t, I don’t celebrate anything even the big wins.
    I just flow through life, just trying to
    accomplish things.
    I guess when I retire then I will celebrate.
    But this does help and if it helps you, when you accomplish something big, party hard lol


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