10 truths I’ve learned about love, life and relationships

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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who is about to turn 30.  In honor of her birthday she asked me (along with several other women) to share any wisdom I had gained in my 30’s that would help her as she embarked upon this new season.

I constructed a list and as I pondered upon it I realized that although I am still learning a lot of the things I wrote down I think this could apply to really anyone’s season in life.  So I decided to share this list with you.

  1. Everyone has relationship goals.  When dating don’t assume that men want the same things as you even if they say they do.  Their actions will confirm or deny.
  2. Love yourself, forgive yourself, forgive them.
  3. “No” is empowering.  It also doesn’t need an explanation.  Be wary of those who don’t respect your “No.”
  4. As a woman you have so much more power than you realize.
  5. Don’t base your self-worth on how others treat you.
  6. Healing happens in layers, so does growth.
  7. You are worthy of the love you desire.
  8. You are seen, you are heard, you are valuable.
  9. There is no ticking time clock you have to rush to beat.
  10. There is no secret to life; take it a day at a time.

Is there anything you have learned in life that you wish someone would have told you as a young person?  What advice would you offer a young person in their 20’s or 30’s?







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