The peril of women today


I am concerned for women in our world today. 

I am concerned for many reasons but today I want to talk about how so many women think that how they look is the most important thing about them.

So many women seem to think that their looks are the only thing that matter in life.  That as long as they look the part (face beat and body snatched) somehow they will secure the future they want, which usually includes a successful man of some sort.

So many women spend so much time and so many resources on perfecting their outer appearance; however looks fade or they can change in an instant.

You can have the hair, the makeup, the clothing and body, but still be covering up a $2 soul inside.

I wish we would spend as much time working on our inside person as we do working on looking good on the outside.

The external will change and fade but the internal will last forever.

Just because you look perfect on the outside does not mean you will attract a good man.  You may attract a man that is only concerned with your looks.

This is not to say it is wrong to take pride in how you look or that you should forgo all make up, hair styling etc.  This is not about whether it’s right or wrong to look a certain way.  It’s about not making your looks the only thing you can feel good about yourself for.

Growing up I was not a cute little girl and I knew it.  Sometimes I was teased for my looks, most of the times I wasn’t but my mom made it clear to me that life was not about what I looked like but who I was inside.  And I believed her.  I didn’t concern myself much with my looks growing up.  And I definitely didn’t thinking looking beautiful was all that I had to offer the world.

I’m especially concerned for today’s young woman who is looking to social media to tell them how a woman should look or act.  Or feeling like they have to compete with the array of social media models or celebrities.  Or thinking that all they have to offer the world is their breast, butt and hip size.

Women are special in the eyes of God and it is my prayer that we realize that more and more every day.

Women: Know you are special and it has nothing to do with your looks.

Men: Honor the women in your life: mother, daughter, niece, cousin, girlfriend,  regardless of their looks.




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