Hurricane Harvey, Joel Osteen and Casting Stones

I don’t get is why people seem to be angrier at Joel Osteen than they are at every day injustices we see in our communities and worldwide.


Lipstick and the Word was on the radio!

I was invited to speak as a guest on the Butterfly Evolution radio show November 16th, 2015. Click the link for playback:

The solution to all the problems in the world Vlog

Here I talk about the solution to the worlds problems. I am very passionate about this topic and I figured this was a way to keep the conversation going. The video is about 15 min, I hope you will join me in making this world a better place for all of us by getting involved!!

The solution to all the problems in the world

  Rape.  Child abuse.  Domestic violence. Poverty.  Disease.  Suicide. Drugs.  Human trafficking.  Racism. What do all the above terms have in common?