Dating Advice for Men

Fellas-Are you willing to grow in some areas if that means you will find Mrs. Right?


Your individual love journey

There is a lot of advice floating around in literature, various social circles and the church on how to find love. I used to be an avid consumer of relationship literature however, I am afraid we have taken a lot of this secular and non-secular relationship advice as the Gospel Truth, overlooking the fact that God has an individual plan for everybody that also includes an individual love story.

Lipstick and the Word was on the radio!

I was invited to speak as a guest on the Butterfly Evolution radio show November 16th, 2015. Click the link for playback:

Single Christian Man Series Part 1: Meet Jason Perry

This multi-part series will highlight thoughts on love, life and relationships from a male perspective.  I’ve taken a few of my closest guy friends and asked them a series of questions about love, marriage and dating.  This series responses are written by Jason Perry.   Charismatic.  Talented.  Passionate.  These are just a few of the […]