How to be a happy single

This is the third entry of the Single in the City Series. This multi-part series is geared towards helping you become a healthier, happier single. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2. Are you single? Have you been single for a long time? Are you tired of waiting for “the one”? You’re not alone; […]

Five reasons your lifestyle is keeping you single

Often when we desire change in some area of our life we need to take a step back and analyze our behaviors, patterns and thoughts to see if there are any areas that we need to adjust. But if you’re not willing to take an honest look at your situation you’ll stay stuck in the same broken patterns wondering what’s wrong with everybody else.

Who completes you?

Jesus never gave us a charge to complete our significant other.

What to look for in a spouse

If you are like I used to be at one time you may not know much of what to look for in a dating partner or a spouse. Though I’ll admit I’m still finding my way, I do have specific things I look for now to help me in navigating dating relationships.

How to avoid Mr. or Mrs. Wrong

I think we get into trouble in dating when we start to feel pressured by various external demands. As a result we start making poor choices. Anytime you are operating out of fear, there’s a good possibility you are venturing down the wrong path.