Dreams Deferred

Where do you place your hope?

If the dream fails is all hope is gone?


The battle within

I find myself often doing what I don’t want to do. Whether that’s eating something I know is bad for me when I have vowed not to, saying something I feel in my spirit I shouldn’t say at the moment I’m saying it or doing something for the 1000th time when I promised myself I wouldn’t. It almost seems at time like I am my own worst enemy.

How to forget the pain of the past

God doesn’t expect us to have amnesia about our pasts. But don’t regard the pain of the past as more significant than the work He wants to do in you today.


Top five struggles of a Christian girl

At Lipstick and the Word I usually try to provide helpful tips on how to navigate love, life and relationships; however, lately I’ve felt pressed to do a series of transparent blogs about my life. All the topics and advice on my blog are personally inspired, usually based on something I’ve struggled with, gone through […]