What about your friends?

Just because someone was good for you in one season doesn’t mean they are good for you in another. And that’s OK.


What is love?

So many people believe that love means I get all of my needs met 100% percent of the time with the exact person that I want who looks the way I want and says all the things that I want at the right time and they’re just perfect and they’re going to love me even though I’m not perfect. Well that is just unrealistic.

The battle within

I find myself often doing what I don’t want to do. Whether that’s eating something I know is bad for me when I have vowed not to, saying something I feel in my spirit I shouldn’t say at the moment I’m saying it or doing something for the 1000th time when I promised myself I wouldn’t. It almost seems at time like I am my own worst enemy.

The solution to all the problems in the world Vlog

Here I talk about the solution to the worlds problems. I am very passionate about this topic and I figured this was a way to keep the conversation going. The video is about 15 min, I hope you will join me in making this world a better place for all of us by getting involved!!